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Looking for conventional or immediate dentures? If you are looking to have a set of full dentures, contact our team to book your consultation.

If most or all of your teeth are missing, you may wish to consider full or complete dentures as a viable teeth replacement option. Full dentures offer the most practical choice for replacing a full arch of teeth. They are designed to fit within your mouth to help with routine lifestyle activities such as talking and eating.

Whether your teeth have been severely compromised by gum disease or damaged by an accident or bad decay, a complete denture can restore your smile to function and look like real teeth.

Not only do our modern range of complete dentures offer aesthetically pleasing results at an affordable price, the prosthetic appliance requires only a very straightforward and short treatment. A complete denture can fill the gaps in your smile and support the shape of your face to avoid a sunken facial appearance.

Types of Full/Complete Dentures

Conventional dentures: Treatment involves the removal of all your teeth at least 8 weeks prior to denture fabrication. The tissues need to heal from the extractions before denture placement, to ensure an accurate fit.

Immediate dentures: These temporary dentures are used during the approximately 8-week healing period, while you wait for your full dentures to be fabricated. This ensures that you are never without your front teeth.

Over-dentures: If you still have a few remaining natural teeth in good condition or existing implants, you may be recommended over-dentures. Since they depend on your existing teeth or implant-supported teeth for stability and retentive strength, you don’t need to extract your healthy teeth with over-dentures. Although you can choose from an assortment of designs, over-dentures are generally fabricated to “snap” into place in order to hold the plate solidly.